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Employer on the Go - Connected Payroll at your Fingertips

Plus  understands your unique requirements.  Get the tools you need to manage employee time and payroll, and report on compliance information.

Why Plus Payroll...

Employer on the Go® Online Is As Easy As 1-2-3

  • Enjoy Unlimited Earnings and Deductions  Earnings and Deductions can be customized to the unique needs of your facility and our Effective Dating feature allows you to set them up with future start dates.
  • Handle Shift Differentials With Ease The flexibility of Plus payroll and integrated time and attendance system accurately tracks employee shift differentials and associated earnings. Plus we can customize rules for the specific requirements of your facility.
  • Eliminate Paper Timesheets  Whether employees clock in and out online, enter their time in online time sheets, or punch in and out at a hardware terminal, the data is automatically transferred to payroll greatly reducing errors in mis-keyed and calculated hours.
  • Easily Make Employee Changes From one screen you can access everything from demographics, pay rates and taxes, to deductions, accruals and HR data to quickly update employee information. Or, you can use our Batch Editing feature for group updates on accruals, deductions, pay rates (Minimum Wage increases), Workers’ Comp codes and more.
  • Manage Multiple Locations  Our online solution allows both corporate locations and site managers to have real-time access to standardized employee information. You can setup an unlimited number of users with customized access to protect confidential information.
  • Monitor Your Labor Distribution  Easily allocate payroll earnings to different funding sources with our Labor Distribution tools.

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