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Household Online Payroll

Plus Online Payroll Household, Caregivers, Nannies (This Product is not for Small Business Owners)

  • Low Cost One time setup fee $100 ..$475 Annual Prep Fee...$125 for each additional employee

Plus Online Household Payroll is fully automated, affordable, and designed specifically for anyone paying household employees like nannies, caregivers, or yard workers. It takes the hassle out of paying them; you can access it anywhere, and it automatically calculates taxes and creates W-2s for you.

Why do you need it? If you have someone doing work for you, and you control what and how that work is done, you have an employee, not an independent contractor. And if you paid more than $1,800 to any household employee in 2012, the wages you pay are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes. (2013 limit $1,800)

Payroll taxes on household employees' wages are reported on different tax forms and often are paid at different times than business employees. Plus Online Payroll Household takes care of all that for you.

Enter your payroll hours— Enter your hours, approve salaries, and clickCreate Paychecks.
Review and approve — We instantly calculate all taxes and deductions.
Pay your employees — Use our free direct deposit, print checks instantly, or hand-write checks.

Plus Household Payroll is fully automated — just log in at home or on the road to enter worker hours, and paychecks are calculated automatically on any schedule you choose. You can write the checks yourself, pay with free direct deposit, or use your printer to print them directly from our website.

Plus organizes your payroll taxes and W-2s, too. No need to worry about changes to IRS rules — correct taxes are calculated and withheld automatically, and you get reminder emails to tell you when to submit payments and pre-filled tax forms. Worker W-2s are automatically prepared at the end of the year, along with a copy for you to print and send.

Best of all, Plus payroll professionals will support you every step of the way, from your first paycheck through end-of-year filing, over the Web, phone, and email.

Each pay period:
  • All payroll calculations
  • Completed pay stubs with details of all employee taxes withheld, along with a record of your related employer taxes
  • Ability to print checks and/or pay stubs on your own printer
  • Free direct deposit option
At tax time:
  • Email reminders when forms and payments are due
  • Links to pre-filled tax forms and payment coupons
At year-end:
  • Links to your employees' completed W-2s
  • Preparation of government copies

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